Welcome to fenix3D!!!

We are sharing our story about Daniel to bring hope and healing to grieving families. Using technology we are literally reshaping the funeral/urn industry with custom 3D printed urns.


For those looking to memorialize a loved one they have lost please stop by our D3D Memorials page.   If you don't see something you like please feel free to message us through Design Services and we would be happy to assist in creating the perfect memorial for your loved one.

We have a number of things that we are making right now, and ideas for a bunch of other stuff.  From custom Dog Tags to Puzzle boxes; all of our currently available pieces can all be found on the Fenix Designs page.

Our printer is for hire as well.  Whether its your own design or something out on the web we would be happy to help make your thing a reality.  Simply send us a message through Printing Services to access our printing staff.

--fenix3D staff

If you would like to help us build the company you can donate directly here on the Donation Page

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Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far, and a special thank you to the following people for supporting us through Patreon:

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